Our Mission is to protect businesses and property owners from litigation because of barriers to accessibility in the built environment. We provide our clients with excellent service and reliable CASp resources so that their products and services are accessible to all. We will promote accessibility by educating the community about the importance of identifying barriers, removing them, and maintaining an accessible environment.  


Cory Cabral is our co-founder and Senior Certified Access Specialist. He graduated from San Diego State University with bachelors degree in Business Administration. After college he began his career in the sign industry where be became an expert in the field of ADA signage. During that time, he found that many of his clients were being put out of business because of ADA lawsuits. In most cases, the business owners simply did not know that their businesses had barriers to accessibility. He soon began searching for resources to help his clients avoid accessibility lawsuits and discovered the California Certified Access Specialist program. After immersing himself in all aspects of accessibility in the built environment by studying at the CalCasp Academy and the DSA, he became a California Certified Access Specialist. He is now CASp-630 and helps businesses limit exposure to ADA lawsuits by providing them with the resources necessary to make their products and services accessible to all.


Tracey Delisle is our co-founder and chief officer of business development. She has more than 30 years of business and accessibility experience. Tracey takes pride in the excellent service that she provides to her clients. During her time at Certified Access Services, her clients have praised her prompt response times, caring service and reliable information.